Our purpose is to promote the candidacy of Democrats specifically committed to the principle that ALL persons deserve equal rights regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression by:

  • encouraging voter registration,
  • advocating for issues without discrimination while stimulating active interest in political and governmental affairs,
  • promoting participation among Democrats,
  • supporting and electing the dult selected nominees of the Democratic Party in local, state, and national campaigns,
  • working with other LGBTQ+ and like minded-organizations united with common purposes

We are a Chartered Chapter of the State LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus of Florida representing the community and allies.

Board of Directors

Joe Agostine Jr. – President

Joe Ingerman – Vice President

Maryann D’Aquino-Tearle – Secretary

Susan Kelly – Treasurer

Richard Stammer – At-Large Director

Stan Jones – At-Large Director

Krista Lohr – At-Large Director

Peter Ryan Imhoff – At-Large Director